Tortoise Shell

"The colors in this collection vary from blue tones to a white glaze at the bottom. The different blue tones create a beautiful cascade looking effect with lighter blue tones. The glaze creates a tone of green framing the edges."


The bottle collection is a lot like little bottles, it's just bigger! They are a modern take on a traditional profile. We find that bottle looks best when it is paired with a single long stemmed flower or some simple greenery. A bottle is a great way to add contemporary elegance to any space. Its hexagonal structure is ever complicated and will change it's appearance depending on the viewing angle. All bottles are slip-cast and hand dipped with reactive glazes. While they are fired they become molten and the colors swirl together to create a breathtaking effect that is sure to capture your attention. The colors in this Bottle blend from a lavender tone to a white glaze. The bleed creates a beautiful lighter tone of purple. The glaze creates a white outline around the edges highlighting the intricacy of the pattern.