Handbuilding Plates

All of the Shoreline collection features hand-built items. I wanted to share a little bit about that process.

Before working on my hand-built collections I like to prepare some textures for them. I keep a collection of various textures that I have found from fabrics, stoneware samples as well as some that I create using 3D printing. Some of my favorite ones are things that I have simply found out in the world but they drew me in because of their unique textures.

My first steps are to roll out the clay. This process is similar to making a pie crust 🙂 You must make sure however that your piece is very flat and even. If it does not have the right thickness and uniformity then it will not turn out well in the firing process.

After having a flattened clay piece, I apply my textures. I use a tool that I printed that allows me to create textures kind of like a stamp so that I can use different textures easily and change them.

When the clay is finally flattened and well textured then I cut them out using a clay knife. Below you can see a prepared a cut plate and the clay that it just came from!

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After the pieces are properly cut then they must be properly molded and shaped. Once the plates and items are properly molded then they are left to dry. After that it’s the kiln and some glazing!

Here are a few more shots of hand-built pieces in progress…

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